THE best fans in the world!
Hi, Jim - Just got the ImageS books (unbent, can you believe?)!
Gorgeous! Gorgeous! These magazines are priceless resources. The repro is excellent, the design elegant, and the choice of material demonstrates the wonderful eclecticism of Golden Era illustration. The only complaint, of course, is that each issue doesn't have hundreds of pages! In response to the text/image question, I would like a bit more information on the artists, especially those who aren't well known. In this way the magazine would stand alone without requiring the reader to go to the Internet to learn the rest. One way to do this without stealing too much space from the pictures would be to run a section, 2/3 page to one page (perhaps on the IFC?) comprising informational capsules about that issue's "contributors," set in small type like liner notes or the biographical appendix of Reed's book. But that is secondary to the overall wonder of the project. I hope for many more issues to come, and I will buy 'em all! Yours til I develop a sledgehammer technique,"

Ron Harris
"Jim, Really enjoyed ImageS 1 & 2! You're doing a fine job with it. The reproduction is excellent. (How do you do it?) It's such a treat to find more work from familiar names and discover artists I'd never known of previously. You would think the market would support more books & monograms devoted to these fine artists, but until that happens-- you're one of all too few sources. Keep up the good work! Re: "Testing, one, two, three..." (#2): I think I prefer the image on pg 23 over that of pg 32. Seems not quite as grainy... (unless my eyes deceive me.) It sounds like you put an immense amount of time into the quality of repro on these illos, I'm curious as to your methods? Yeah, ImageS is a bit pricey, but additional pages help a lot. Don't compromise quality for the sake of quantity, though! Hopefully circulation will pick up enough to enable even larger issues soon. I like the ratio of text to image, with only one suggestion: where possible, it'd be great to know the particulars of the piece shown, i.e.-- "medium, circa, size,etc.". Looking forward to #3. Hope you'll be accepting subscriptions to #'s 4-6, or for two years, soon. Hope you're publishing ImageS for many, many years to come! Thanks for the Inkspot on Lowell in #2. (Simply cannot get enough of his work-- what line control & vision he had!) Please give us some J. R. Flanagan, Edwin Georgi, & Walt Baumhofer ASAP!"
Take care. Sincerely,

Kirk Bath
"Spectacular!... loved the Heinrich kley section especially, and everything else!... reproduction quality is excellent... great paper stock also! "

Brian Postman
"ImageS is a superlative publication! I can't recommend it highly enough!"

Ken Steacy
"ImageS looks to be the high quality art magazine of the new century."

Susan Goldberg

Dorothy Gibbs
- The Arthur Rackham Society
"Dear Jim, ImageS is the best looking adverisement I've ever seen. You have put together a perfect publication. The reproductions are delicious! The color has a terrific depth. The black and white is printed with such care and attention that you must be checking on each and every single issue. It does my heart good to see such care. You remind me of the St. Louis man (Fosse?) who has attempted to solo around the world in a balloon. He will try it again and again until he gets it right. (Of course, YOU have your feet on the ground.)
I am now salivating over "Saracinesca" illustrated by Lowell. Damn you. I'd love to see it. The graphic sophistication of Pogany in a wonderful message on your behalf. I love the paper stock and the size. To contradict any complaint that there is not enough text, I would say; a picture is worth a thousand words. You've hit a bullseye!"

Larry Day
"Dear Jim, Your issue two of ImageS had been received and admired at Illustration House. A careful comparison of your reproductions with their previously published ImageS reveals in some cases that they are even better than their counterparts.
The Dunn cover is excellent, as are the Pogany plates Both Walter Everett reproductions look fine, perhaps the second version on page 32 is slightly richer. In any event, we'll keep looking forward to future issues." Sincerely.

Walt Reed
"Thanks for the copy of ImageS #1-really a tip-top production from start to finish! I was especially glad to finally have a large batch of Kley watercolors printed large and in one place."

Arnie Fenner
Jim, Thank you for your prompt shipping of ImageS #2, which I received safely today. As one pop song from the eighties say - "I Go Weak In The Presence of Beauty". Both illustrations and print are superb. I love ImageS! Can't wait to see ImageS #3..." Best wishes.

Valentino Radman - Croatia
"ImageS is causing a sensation here at the Disney Studios!"

Andreas Deja
Yo, Jim! Got the first two issues of The Vadeboncoeur Collection of ImageS and they take my breath away! The reproductions are gorgeous. The selections of art are fascinating. The surprises WONDERFULLY, well..surprising! Golly, though, it was hard just getting past the Kley at the beginning of the first issue. All Kley, every issue would please me in Peekskill. Shame on the evil doers whining about the price. They know full well any good old book or magazine is easily gonna cost 'em tons more and not really have a tenth of the kick. (Not that you don't sell some great books, understand). In ImageS absolutely every page is a stunner and worth every hard earned penny. You should be damn proud of yourself, Jim!"

Craig Yoe
" I've been meaning to write you again about your GREAT magazine. It's PURE JOY! I've been waiting for something along this line for a long while. With the first two issues of your great publication and that of Illustration Magazine there is hope for continued bliss.
I noticed that the newest issue is at the printers. COOL!... Can't wait. I also hope that you are having success with this because I'm in it for the long haul. I can't wait to see what you've got planned ahead."

George Golston
"I just thought I'd drop you a few lines to congratulate you on #1. I was particularly impressed by the print ImageS quality... - beautiful rich blacks, so often overlooked in colour re-reproductions."

Nigel Hills
"Hello, Mr. Vadeboncoeur... I'm delighted with ImageS 3: natural, being a romantic (hard at any time, almost impossible these days) and favoring Art Nouveau. As a calligrapher I love pen and Ink work of all sorts, so, Yes! more of Herbert Railton; & how about Joseph Pennell? Howard Pyle's pen sculpts from sotone & Jessie M. King's from air; I enjoy both. Yes to more pen & ink."
Regards and Best of Luck,

Robert A. Hawley
"Set me up with a Subscription to your new ImageS magazine. I'm telling everyone I know about it."

Michael Wm. Kaluta
" A delightful magazine full of interesting and varied ImageS. Something fresh on the market, no recycling of hackneyed pictures. Guess I like it!"

Robin Greer
"Hi, Jim Just a quick note to say how much I've been enjoying each issue of ImageS. The Harry Rountree in #3 was superb as was the Walter H. Everett material. I'm all for more black & white art, the Sullivant in #1 being in especially captivating.
Please renew my subscription and congratulations for a beautiful publication."

Kevin O'Neill
"Absolutely marvelous!"

Nick Meglin
"I just received my first issue of ImageS and I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I was very impressed by the quality of the printed ImageS."

Lawrence Klimecki
"I just received my first copy of ImageS magazine today. WOW, thank you for suggesting it on your site. I'm amazed what a beautiful resource this magazine is."

Aaron Siddall
"Yo, Jim! Way to go Jim! I'm so excited! Can it be ImageS Weekly - PLEASE! Bravo, bravo, bravo for doing this!"

Craig Yoe
"Jim - Thank you for such a gorgeous publication! I especially enjoyed the section on Harry Rountree. Best."

Gail Ross M.D.
"Hot Damn! I've been waiting for something like this for a long long time."

Arthur Sutherland
"ImageS is a handsome production. We're proud to subscribe."

Fred Taraba - Illustration House
"ImageS is a wonderful magazine, the quality is excellent."

Thais Viana Andrade

Tony DiTerlizzi
"First issue looks great!!! Please keep quality like this."

William Kaufmann
"The reproductions were great. Color came through excellent (the water colors were so nice it made me think of Dulac) and I was amazed at how nice and clear the black and white artwork came out (even the dry brush!)."

Alex Sheikman
"Wonderful ImageS, Jim!
A handsomely-selected tasteful mix of the best, well mounted, printed. It has my vote for its long life. "Y'did good, bunky! Kudos! Do more - LOTS!"

Alex Toth
"ImageS Rocks!"

J. David Spurlock
Dear Jim,
I have only just picked up copies of ImageS one and two. Yes, I know they've been out for a while, but, I ordered them through a local Comic Shop and then waited. I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the package you put together, it is worth every penny of it's expensive price. The production values are wonderful, if I wasn't such a magazine collector, they would be separated into pages and framed on my wall!
Thank you very much for producing such a treasure trove of wonderful art. I hope that I can get a copy of the third issue through my supplier, will it be carried by Diamond?"
Thanks again,

Chris Holmes