Issue #13

Alphonse Mucha, Maxfield Parrish, Sarah S. Stillwell,
J.C. Leyendecker, Howard Pyle, Georges Barbier,
Howard Chandler Christy, Gustav Adolf Mossa, H.Lefler &
J. Urban, Charles E. Chambers, Louis Chalon, Edmund Dulac,
Arnold Mello, R.L. & E.D. Forkum, Frank X. Leyendecker,
Philip R. Goodwin, Thornton Oakley, Georges de Feures,
Dean Cornwell, Rene Bull, Newell Convers Wyeth,
Jessie Willcox Smith, Willy Pogany, Jean-Jacques Henner,
Hermann Vogel, C. Coles Phillips, Norman Lindsay.

Issue #11

Guest-edited by
Susan McKinsey Goldberg.
H.C. Appleton* Umberto Brunelleschi,
C.E. de Beaumont, Maurice Day*
René Bull* Edmund Dulac* G. Studdy*
A.B. Frost* J.C. Leyendecker*
Warwick Goble* Thomas Mackenzie,
Irene Hyde* Charles Johnson*
Heinrich Lefler & Joseph Urban,
Kay Nielsen* Ida R. Outhwaite*
Willy Pogany* Norman Price*
Harry Rountree* Lawson Wood*.
* = reproduced from original art.

Issue #12

Cover by Lajaren A. Hiller.
Stage actresses by
Sigismund de Ivanowski.
Charles Robinson in the InkSpot.
J.C. Leyendecker, Eric Pape,
Julius Diez, René Vincent,
Frank Godwin, Gustaf Tenggren,
Erich Schutz, Arthur Rackham,
Sarah Stilwell Weber, Heinrich Kley,
Willy Pogany, Henry Clive,
Hermann Vogel, F.M. Boggs.

Issue #10

W.J. Aylward, Ferdinand Bac, John Bauer, Frank Brangwyn,
Paul Émile Chabas, Will Crawford, Edward Julius Detmold,
Edmund Dulac, Sir William Russell Flint, Jules Guérin,
Charles Dana Gibson in the InkSpot, Keith Henderson,
Charles R. Knight, Henriette W. Le Mair, Thomas Edwin Mostyn, Howard Pyle, Henry Reuterdahl, Briton Riviere cover, and more...

Issue #8

Heinrich Kley art - with a special focus on his commercial heavy industry work,
J.M. Condé in the InkSpot!
the entire 1912 H.C. Andersen calendar by Heinrich Lefler & Joseph Urban, Arthur Rackham,
Harvey Dunn, N.C. Wyeth,
René Bull, Edmund Dulac,
Charles Folkard,
Hermann Vogel...

Issue #9

Filled with glamorous illustrative art. Special cover and six-page feature on Gustav Adolph Mossa.
Heinrich Kley in the InkSpot!
Edmund Dulac's complete Figures d'Orient, Henry Clive, Harvey Dunn, W.R. Flint, Warwick Goble,
Orson Lowell, Maxfield Parrish,
C. Coles Phillips, Willy Pogany, Arthur Rackham, Charles Robinson, Hermann Vogel.

Issue #6

Special issue featuring the works
of Swedish Gustaf Tenggren
(Bland Tomtar och Troll,
The Brothers Grimm
Sleeping Beauty)
and Belgian Frank Brangwyn
(Venice, Work portfolio,
the sea, Orientalism,
the Panama Pacific
Exhibition murals,
war posters and more).

(while they last)
Issue #7

John D. Batten, Frank Brangwyn,
Eleanor F. Brickdale, George H. Day,
Edward J. & Maurice Detmold,
Edmund Dulac, S. Melton Fisher,
W. Russell Flint, Annie French,
Robert Gibbings, Lionel Heath,
Gaston La Touche, Norman Lindsay,
Arthur Melville, Gerald Moira,
Eric Pape, Charles Robinson,
George Sherringham, J.R. Weguelin,
Daniel Vierge, Arthur Wardle,
Byam Shaw, J.M. Swan, Anders Zorn

Issue #5

J.W. Alexander, J.H. Amschewitz,
W.J. Aylward, Anna W. Betts,
R. Blum, R. Bull, C.E. Chambers,
H.C. Christy, W.A. Clark, J.C. Coll,
F. Craig, C. Folkard, W.H. Foster,
W.D. Goldbeck, A.I. Keller, J.M. King,
J.C. Leyendecker, N. McMein,
J.R. Neill, K. Nielsen,
M. Parrish, W. Pogany, H. Pyle,
H. Railton, H. Rountree, T. Sarg,
E. Wallcousins, L. Wood,
and more.

(while they last)
Issue #4

Frank Craig, Maxfield Parrish,
Arthur Rackham, Franklin Booth,
Edmund Dulac, Katherine S. Dodge,
Charles Robinson, Sarah S. Stilwell,
J.C. Leyendecker, F.X. Leyendecker,
Fortunio Matania, N.C. Wyeth,
Franz von Bayros, J. Scott Williams,
Harry Rountree, Herbert Draper,
Solomon J. Solomon,
Daniel Vierge.

(while they last)
Issue #2

Howard Pyle, Willy Pogany,
Arthur Rackham,
Haddon Sundblom,
Gustaf Tenggren, Daniel Vierge,
J.F. Woolrich, Rolf Armstrong,
John Bauer, Enoch Bolles,
René Bull, Harvey Dunn,
Walter Everett, Jules Guérin,
Jessie M. King,
Charles R. Knight,
J.C. Leyendecker, Orson Lowell.

Issue #3

cover and 13 pages by H. Rountree
W. Russell Flint, Arthur Rackham,
E.A. Abbey, Gustaf Tenggren,
Frank Schoonover, Coles Phillips,
Frank Brangwyn, André Castaigne,
Herbert Railton, Heinrich Kley,
J.C. Coll, Walter Everett,
Harold H. Betts, Alphonse Mucha,
H.T. "Penny" Ross,
Keith Henderson, Will Crawford,
J.C. Leyendecker, Orson Lowell.

(while they last)
Issue #1

Heinrich Kley,
Maxfield Parrish,
Arthur Rackham,
Vernon Grant,
Lee Conrey,
T.S. Sullivant,
Lawson Wood,
Alberto Vargas.


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