Fifth Issue

Forty three different artists:
Abbey, Bellery-Desfontaines, Benda, Betts, Bracker, Brennan,
Castaigne, Chamberlain, Christy, Church, Coll, Craig, Crawford,
Caran d'Ache, Doré, Flagg, Gerbault, Green, Gruger, Kay, Lathrop,
Lelong, Neill, Oakley, O'Neill, Papé, Post, Pyle, Rackham,
Railton, Richardson, Rountree, Shinn, Steele, Stratton, Sullivant,
Vierge, etc.

Fourth Issue

Thirty-six different artists:
Beard, Benda, Berger, Birch, Blix, Brush, Cady,
Condé, Cory, Crawford, Dixon, Dodge, Gerbault,
Gilbert, Grant, Gulbransson, Inukai, Jameson,
Leigh, Lendecke, Litle, Lowell, McCay, Neill,
Nelson, Newman, O'Neill, Pogany, Railton, Richardson,
Ross, St. John, Sarka, Sullivant, Thöny, Wallcousins.

Third Issue

Forty different artists:
Austen, Beard, Booth, Broadhead, Cady (32 pages),
Chapman, Christy, Clarke, Cory, Craig, Crawford, Dart,
Doré, DuMond, Dunn, Fish, Fosmire, Gibson, Gruger, Johnson,
Leigh, Meylan, Mucha, Neilsen, O'Neill, Parrish, Paus,
Penfield, Pogany, Pyle, Rackham, Railton, Sandys, Sargent,
Sarka, Stanlaws, Steele, Sullivant, Taber, Talberg, Walker,
Williams, Wyeth.

Second Issue

Sixty-nine different artists:
Abbey, Allison, Artzybasheff, Austen, Ball, Bangs, Barton, Batten, Benda,
Bracker, Brinkley, Cady, Carlson, Christy, Clark, Coll, Cornwell,
de Ivanowski, De Maris, Diez, Dodge, Dwiggins, Fisher, Flagg, Flanagan,
Frost, Gibson, Godwin, Gould, Greer, Groesbeck, Herriman, Jameson, Jones, King, Lawson, Leigh, Lindsay, Lowell, McCay, Neill, O'Neill, Paddock, Palmer, Pegram, Peter, Pizer, Popini, Pyle, Rackham, Richardson,
Robinson (x3), Sanxay, Sarka, Schabelitz, Shepperson, Sime, Smith, Steele, Stevens, Stoops, Stratton, Sullivant, Walker, Winter, Wyeth.

First Issue

T.S. Sullivant (over 70 illustrations), Heinrich Kley, Lee Conrey,
Orson Lowell, Howard Pyle, Rene Bull, Willy Pogany, Will Crawford,
Harry Rountree, Arthur Rackham, E.A. Abbey, Herbert Railton,
W. Russell Flint, Maxfield Parrish, Rose O'Neill, Kay Nielsen, Dan Beard,
Harry Grant Dart. Charles Sarka, Dugald Stewart Walker,
Joseph Clement Coll, Frederick Richardson, J.M. Condé, Harrison Cady,
Eric Pape, and Franklin Booth.

Text by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., Nancy Beiman,
Barry Klugerman and Frederick B. Taraba.

"WOW! What pleasure and charm to (re)discover these forgotten drawings… a style of pen and ink mastery that cannot be reached by any professional illustrator or comic book artist in the world nowadays!
Thanks for this good work Jim."

Jean-Claude Mézières
– Illustrator and
Comic Book Artist
“Quality always wins out, whether in character or in craft, and you’ve shown both on the pages of ImageS. On that basis, you should be a wealthy man soon. Or wealthier, depending on your definition of wealth. I’d like to think I echo the thoughts of everyone who buys ImageS, but if they don’t write and tell you, allow me to speak for everyone. Thank you, sir. Keep up the great work!”

Bob Foster
– Curmudgeon and Chronic malcontent
“Oh man, what an inspiration! (Love these labors of love-
congratulations.) Frost, T.S. Sullivant, Kemble and the rest; amazing how those virtuosos could make a penpoint sing. Drawing with a dip nib is hard: they blob, they run outa gas just in the middle of a line. Looking at old Life humor mags and seeing ads for pen-nibs made me realize that every kid in school had to learn to use a dip pen. You’re publishing the guys who got straight A’s....”

Art Spiegelman
– Cartoonist and Historian
"In his evocative series of <strong>ImageS</strong> publications, Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. uncovers a wealth of visual treasure lost in the twilight of yesterday. His Second Annual Collection of B&W ImageS is an education in vintage artistic styles, techniques, and philosophies that evokes a contemporary sense of wonder and belongs on every art collector's shelf."

Jim Steranko
– Habitual contributor to
the Pop-Culture arena
"Again, ‘JIMAGES/2’ collects marvelous creative penmen ‘tween its covers. They demonstrate unlimited skills of limning unlimited concepts. Funny, silly, poetic, fantastic, dramatic, romantic, quixotic, blunt, subtle, vibrant, studied, decorous, delicate, strong, bold, as simple and as intricate as can be. There’s so much to please so many diverse tastes ­­– a rich mix indeed. T.S. Sullivant’s maestroisms alone are worth the price of admission."

Alex Toth
– Artist/Animator extraordinaire
"Gorgeous – a host of wonderful pre-1923 illustrators and illustrations, oddments from the greats, and a portal into a vanished world. The Norman Lindsay’s alone are worth the cost of the publication."

Neil Gaiman – Writer

THE anthology devoted to classic black and white illustration
112 pages, squarebound, 9"x12", 100 lb paper, 100 lb coated cover